Family plays a great role in sculpting a child into a strong, independent, and responsible member of society. The process begins early in life and continues throughout one’s lifetime. Thus, it is safe to say that empowered individuals come from strong and informed families. 

LEADS decided that family as a social institution cannot be overlooked. In 2010, 5 families were identified and adopted by LEADS. These families mostly traveled in search of permanent employment and a place to stay. They would often take their children with them. The elder children would either look after the younger ones or simply misspend their day.


Once the families were officially adopted, we provided the parents with employment and a roof over their heads while the children were enrolled in Star International School for quality education. The number of registered families under the Sampoorna Pariwar Kalyaan Yojana has increased to 15. 


Louis Educational and Social Development Society, also popularly known as LEADS is a non-profit organization operating in Jharkhand, India. We primarily work towards the upliftment of marginalized and underprivileged children through education.


Established in 1999, LEADS has constantly strived to attain their goal by extending equal access to quality education to the children of target social groups. The motive that drives LEADS is to “lead those in need”.

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