The report “Children Still Battling to go to School” states that about 57 million children around the world are not going to school;  55% of that population being girls. 


In 2009, 15 underprivileged girls hailing from Below Poverty Line (BPL), Scheduled Caste (SC) & Scheduled Tribes (ST) categories were selected to receive education at SIS, Ranchi. The number of beneficiaries of Balika Vishesh has risen to 35. The girls are trained in sports, computers, and extra-curricular activities. The idea behind this project is the empowerment of the girl child who has been subjected to gender inequality and injustice.

After all, as the African proverb goes, “If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation”.


Louis Educational and Social Development Society, also popularly known as LEADS is a non-profit organization operating in Jharkhand, India. We primarily work towards the upliftment of marginalized and underprivileged children through education.


Established in 1999, LEADS has constantly strived to attain their goal by extending equal access to quality education to the children of target social groups. The motive that drives LEADS is to “lead those in need”.

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